Twin's Bond
About L’amour

Name: L’amour Rei Wolf

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf/Inu

Class: Blu Spy

Sexuality: Gay

Stats: Taken By Kai <3

About: Born and Raised in France. He was given a way being the sec born. L’amours family was really poor and could not keep both the kids. Being in a home all his life. Tell about 4 years old a older male came to him and adopted him. What was sapost to be the happiest moment of his life. He found out at 8 He was being prepped to be a this man’s project. Soon He was turned into a Inu. What was once a platnam blonde was now snow white hair. His rare eyes of Green and Blue was now Gold and Blue. He was told everyday hated him and no one liked him and as a wolf they all though you where a freak and they would want you dead. So telling a 8 year old this it only made them hate humans so much more then normal. He hated everyone but not his father. Soon his father became ill and L’amour was now 20 going in to war. He fought for his father and for France. He was now a killing worrier nothing could get in his way. Not even when he first meet Yuda. Yuda was his fav thing to kill. Since they always respond he keeped killing him as much as he would kill L’amour. Soon one night something happen and they fell in love. Once he became 21 he had a lot of money for his father and when back home. When he got home he though his father would have change for the good. But really He was only worse with the money L’amour gave him he was rich and tried killing L’amour. But Yuda was there to save him. He then got a home with Yuda and lived out his life with him tell one day L’amour got “sick” and when to the doctor where he meet none other then his twin brother Gabriel. Not liking Gab he told him he was a lyer and to leave him alone but Gabriel keep coming around and Yuda let him in and soon after finding out what happen he soon let Gabriel into his heart and now lives with L’amour…. But L’amour has lost all of his memory of Yuda so the last thing he remembers is Kai. So He though he was the only one for him. And He still believes that.

Family: His twin Brother.