Twin's Bond
About Gabriel

Name: Gabriel Thomas

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Sexual: SpySexual

Class: Red Medic

About: Was rasied in a good family and a family that loved him. Not knowing he had a twin brother tell about 10 when they told him all about Zachery. He told himself he was going to be the best he could be to fined his lost person that had his blood. Soon after Grad from College at the top of his class he was a boy genneas. He got out at 18. Soon he got a job at a Doctors Office for two years before going in to war. Where he meet L’amour but did not know it was his brother tell when get out at 21 and when back to his job that the same boy came in and got cheeked out looking throw his blood and all his records he found out he was his baby brother the male he had been looking for his hole life. But way before he knew about L’amour he feel madly in love for him. Needing to fined this male over and over again but to fined out he had fallen in love with Yuda the team Sniper. But he never gave up on having a spy of his own.

Family: little brother L’amour, Father Arthur, Mother Esme